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Exclusive Provider of US Immigration Medical Services

AAA Prism Immigrant Medical Center

Our Physicians

Our USCIS Certified Civil Surgeons:

  • M. S. KAPADIA, M.D.
  • Glenn Winter, M.D.
  • Zarina Merchant
  • M. S. KAPADIA, M.D.
  • Glenn Winter, M.D.
  • Zarina Merchant

Our Physicians and Staff are sensitive to meet the needs of our immigrant patients. They are courteous and eager to help.

A Note on Your Appointment:

  • Prism Medical will provide you with fully completed computerized I-693 form.
  • For your appointment, please bring your Passport or Passport Number, if available
  • Please bring any other form of ID - Driver's License, State I.D., etc
  • Bring records of previous vaccinations, and know your history of Chicken Pox (Varicella)
  • Inform Doctor if you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy
  • No need to fast before Exam

Exam Procedures:

  • Simple physical exam
  • 2-3 Vaccines may be given
  • T.B. Skin Test will be placed
  • Mandatory Follow-Up for T.B. Skin Test must occur in 48-72 hours, or test will be inaccurate and must be repeated.

Do NOT open the sealed envelope given by the Civil Surgeon - a copy of your records will be provided to you and your referring attorney at no additional cost.